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Meet the staff

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Travis has been WL Hunter Insurance Agency for 17 years. Growing up in Lake City and watching the business grow, Travis developed a passion for helping others. “Dealing with our customers and trying to put together the best plans and policies for them is the best part of my job,” Travis reveals. He holds Property and Casualty License 220 as well as Health and Life Insurance (Including Annuities and Variable Contracts). In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family as well as hunting and fishing.


Travis Hunter


Having been with WL Hunter Insurance for 54 years, Faye has spent the majority of her life in North Florida. When she isn’t working, she enjoys watching western movies and doing Soduku puzzles.

Owner/ Office Manager

Faye Hunter


Dale has been with Hunter Insurance Agency for the past seven years. He has an extensive knowledge of policies and plans and finds great satisfaction in helping others, whether matching his clients to the perfect policy or assisting as they settle any claims on their insurance. In his spare time, Dale enjoys fishing. 


Dale Robinson


Originally from Jacksonville, Natalie holds her Customer Service Representative 440 License and has been with Hunter Insurance Agency for six years. The best part of her job is the opportunity for problem-solving. “When customers or potential customers come in a problem or a question finding the right answer and helping them understand is rewarding.” In her spare time, she enjoys cycling and supporting her son’s baseball team.

Customer Service Representative

Natalie Zele

Hunter Staffer_2.png

Assisting her clients to get the best, affordable coverage for their individual needs is the best part of her job, and with her Customer Service Representative 440 license and 36 years in the insurance industry, it is clear Kim loves what she does. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Kim has been in Lake City for the last 15 years and enjoys spending time near the water, whether it is the beach, springs, or a swimming pool. She also enjoys attending concerts and spending time with her daughter.

Customer Service Representative

Kim Brewer

Hunter Staffer.png

Talking to people has always come easy to Becky. She loves meeting and talking to new people and figuring out ways to help them get the coverage they need. For more than a year, Becky has been using this passion for helping the clients of Hunter Insurance Agency as a Customer Service Representative. Becky holds a 440 Customer Service Representative License. Originally from Augusta, Georgia in her spare time, Becky enjoys travel and spending time with her children and grandchildren. If she could tell clients and potential clients, it would be, “Be patient. We aim to make everyone happy!”

Customer Service Representative

Becky Davis

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