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What is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

What Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance commonly referred to as workman’s comp insurance is designed to provide benefits to employees following a work-related injury or illnesses. This includes medical care, wages from lost work time, and more. Workers’ compensation insurance will also cover a deceased worker's family with a financial benefit as well. If a worker's family decides to sue the company, the workman’s comp can also help cover the related legal fees.

Workers’ compensation insurance can help protect your business and employees in events such as these:

  • An employee slips on a spill, injures himself while walking up the stairs to the office, and requires an emergency room visit, and weeks of recovery time.

  • An employee injures their back lifting a box of printer paper and requires a doctor’s attention, medication, and physical therapy.

  • An employee returning to the office from visiting a client is injured in a car accident and requires hospitalization.

Find out how you help your business and your employees by getting a personalized quote from WL Hunter Insurance Agency.

How Does Workers’ Comp Insurance Work?

When employees suffer a work-related injury or illness, Workers' Compensation Insurance helps cover wages and medical benefits and gives them access to experienced, caring professionals at every step of their recovery.

At WL Hunter Insurance Agency, we have programs designed to support companies, promote employee safety and well-being, and help get personnel back to work as soon as reasonably possible. Or if necessary, to other transitional work, and possibly training for new skills. If an employee can't return to work, the coverage can provide a long-term benefit.

How Much is Workman’s Comp Insurance?

In most states, the cost of Workman’s Comp insurance can vary between insurance companies as they compete for customers. Despite the variability, all insurance companies base Workers’ Compensation premiums on the amount of payroll an employer has as well as how dangerous the work is. Some larger employers will be impacted by their past claims experience with premium credits for low claim experience and increased premiums for those with more historical claims. For a personalized quote for your business call WL Hunter Insurance Agency today!

Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance Required?

Workers' compensation insurance is required by law in most states and each state's requirements can vary significantly. Our agents can help explain the specific obligations required and help ensure your businesses gets the coverage it needs. If you need help figuring out the ins and outs of insurance, WL Hunter Insurance Agency has more than 50 years experience and we are here to help!

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